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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 9, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. good monday morning, it's 5:00. thank you so much for starting your week with us. >> we got hot weather, we got spare the air-conditions, what else can we order for you? >> we don't have the winds right now, so there's the bright side to it. good morning, everybody, here's a look at live doppler 7. notice there's some clouds creeping up the peninsula coast. they will start to move up a little bit farther as we head throughout the day or little bit a further. and that's why we're going to see just a minor cooling at the coast today. the rest of us are going to be pretty warm. 84 in oakland, to 90 in san
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jose. along the coast we'll go 66 to 73. a couple of issues with mass transit at this hour. we do have this t-line delay in san francisco at third and hudson, there's a fire at the scene there, and until the crews clear out, they will put a passenger bus around that particular -- b.a.r.t. now experiencing 20-minute delays at the 19th street oakland station. and caltran, golden gate transit is running on time but they have added additional service on these two lines, the 4 and the 27. that's kind of convenient for area commute. we do have breaking news out of san francisco where fire crews are on the scene of a two-alarm fire in the bay view district. it broke out around 3:30 at a dry-cleaners near third street and hudson avenue.
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firefighters did manage to get the fire under control, they remain on the scene to make sure there aren't any flareups. the t-line not running through that area, getting busses instead. amy hollyfield is gathering more information. she'll have a live report coming up at 5:30. those who want to be the next mayor of san jose will get a key endorsement. >> reporter: mayor reid's endorsement -- they both supported the fiscal reforms that were implemented over the past few years. this endorsement will become official later today in san jose. mayor reid says that -- fiscal
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reform saving the city over $100,000. what many consider to be one of the -- if elected mayor, he's received endorsement from the san francisco police -- -- now he had about 8% more votes, but mayor reid said come the election in november it won't matter because people supported his fiscal reforms. we have conflicting accounts this morning over who caused a traffic accident involving oakland mayor jean quan. a witness says mayor quan had
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the green light while driving north on market street while the driver of a nissan was driving east. but t to the accident comes days after quan was caught using her phone behind the wheel. the out appeared everyone was already and their well-being was my first priority. happening today a trial will get under way in oakland that could change the rules of the game in ncaa sports. at issue, the ncaa's ban on paying colleges athletes beyond scholarships to play sports that bring in millions of dollars for universities. the ncaa says the current system protects the the amateur nature
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of college sports and education is the central mission for student athletes. there are reports that the suspects may have been white supremacists who were targeting the police. here's the latest. >> reporter: authorities say it was an ambush, two police officers eating lunch at a pizza rhea inside this las vegas shopping center yesterday afternoon when a man and woman walked in and opened fire. >> whatvent, we do not know. my officers were simply having lunch. >> reporter: one of the officers shot back. but both cops were killed. >> the suspects took the officers' weapons and some ammunition from them on the way out the door and made a statement, something to the effect of, this is a revolution.
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>> witnesses say the male shooter repeated those words and then the man and woman fled across the street to a walmart. >> i saw the gun was in their hands. >> reporter: inside the walmart, a third person shot and killed. officers entered the store from the front and discovered the body. some officers entering from the back encountering the suspects and exchanged gun fire. then the man and woman carried out a suicide pact. >> it appears the female system shot the male system then took her own life. >> reporter: overnight police searched an apartment that belonged to one or more of the suspects. police still don't have a molt ty. happening today the plelts hill city -- incorporate restrictions on where gun stores can operate. under current laws, gun stores
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cannot be within 150 feet of a residence, 500 feet of a park or 1,000 feet of a daycare or school. according to our media partner, officials say those limitations are still in place. it's just now making those limitations part of the zoning ordinance. people are are invited to a public hearing today. it's expected to close as early as july. the only other emergency room in west contra costa county would be kaiser richmond. members of the community are invited to attend tomorrow's meeting and comment. the public hearing is set for 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. about five months ago, governor jerry brown declared a drought emergency. according to the san francisco chronicle, records from bay area
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water agencies show customers are only conserving a little bit. in san jose, water usage has actually gone up. but officials say conservations efforts in that city are just now kicking in. in san francisco, residents have scaled back about 8%. state officials say this summer will be the real test when it comes to reducing water usage. just to clarify, we gave conflicting dates, but that hearing will be tonight. let's take a look at just how mild, even a little stuffy in the peninsula this morning. bellmont 63, 63 in redwood city. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. san carlos about 63. we're in the low to mid 60s from concord, fairfield, ramon. 71 in antioch.
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mid 50s to 59 in oakland. it doesn't look too hazy right now, but our inland east bay will most likely have the air quality. let's break it down, the next 12 hours, as we head towards noon. 68 at the coast. 88 inland. 68 at the coast, 99 inland at 4:00. 58 at to the coast with cloud cover. upper 86 by 7:00. let's start with mass transit this morning. the t-line is not going through third and hudson due to a fire in the area, they do have a bus that will be taking passengers around that area. vta will have some safety trials going on this morning. just let's take a look at this accident in the el cerrito area.
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that is an overturned out of lane tow truck on the skaecene there and the accident at 580 eastbound at central. that one is still blocking a lane of traffic. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge where thanksgiving just beautiful, no delays over to the san francisco year. it's 5:10 and butlers are suddenly in again. also we're learning more about army sergeant bowe bergdahl. and the santa fe hero that
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. 5:13. new details this morning about army sergeant's boweberg daal's five years as a prisoner of war in san francisco. u.s. officials say it's not unusual for someone held in captivity for so long to be withdrawn. bergdahl has revealed that he was beaten and put in a metal cage in the dark for weeks at a time after he tried to escape. there's word bergdahl's parents have received serious threats since his release. fbi agents have been called in to investigate. bergdahl was traded for five
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taliban militants released from guantanamo bay. a severe weather system dumped heavy rains and several tornadoes. at least seven twisters dropped down in colorado over the weekend. four of them just yesterday. lightning strikes and heavy flooding from drenching rains, forecasters say the storms are working their way into central nebraska and western kansas and will hit arkansas and missouri later on today. wall street could reach more than one milestone today. >> good morning, topping america's money, gains similar to those made friday would push the dow over 17,000 and the s&p 500 over the 2,000 mark. the demand for butlers is going up across the globe. they're now being hired as a
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status symbol for the superrich. butlers can make up to $60,000 a year. the fault in our stars that made $48 million easily topping the $29 million brought in by a tom cruise action film "the edge of tomorrow." radio shack is opening to entice customers back with a new service. the struggling retailer is launching same day repairs. you can bring in your cracked tablet, screen or water damaged iphone. repairs start at $40 and carries a 90-day warranty. this is the first time that a trusted national retail brand has offered same-stay repairs. a grateful family has met the hero they say took -- after a visit to a san jose park in february. dispatcher jennifer burnham gave
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her step by step directions on how to give cpr. >> put your face right next to his mouth, can you hear or feel any breathing. >> alex. alex. >> alex's mother gave her son cpr until a crew of truck 35 arrived. she met burnham and the other first responders who helped save alex's life yesterday. >> it was difficult, but with jennifer's help, she helped guide me in performing cpr on my son. we greatly appreciate her calmness and her quick thinking. >> to be here today and to see the outcome of our part in public safety is -- no words. >> san jose firefighters sacry alex's story is -- about seven people reported
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seeing an eight to ten-foot shark chasing after a sea lion inside swim buoy at ledbetter beach. there's a 72-hour warning in place at several other nearby beaches. i bet they weren't as hat as we were yesterday. >> any time i would run the other way. >> do we have an alert? >> i would think so. >> the interesting video, i saw this over the weekend on facebook. it's a tremendous versus lightning. lightning wins. >> yes the tree lost big-time. isn't that amazing what lightning can do if it comes down with 50,000 degrees of heat, heats that sap, the sap explodes and there you go, the tree comes tumbling down.
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not only does it have a ton of electricity in it, it has a ton of heat in it too. that's why we say never stand under a tree during a thunderstorm. >> there's nowhere to hide this morning, at least from the mild conditions that are out there because the breeze is pretty much nonexistent. this is the way it looks from the -- sea breeze develops tomorrow, that's going to start the cooling, then we'll wake up the cloud cover wednesday morning and that will deepen the cooling. we'll get those temperatures back to close to average tomorrow. probably the cool elson day in the forecast wednesday and thursday. so high pressure still over top of us. another hot day in fact if you drive through the hills and the mountains, temperatures 70 to 80
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degrees. we're just waiting for the sun to come up and that warm air is going to develop rather rapidly. this area could have some poor air quality today. we'll have 89 in los altos. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s along the coast. upper 70s around downtown, south san francisco, sausalito 82. mid to upper 60s for you, but go inland, we have got low to mid 90s, down along the east bay shore. 82 in hayward and then you go inland, air conditioner was running the better part of the night in my highways when i left. upper 90s to low 100s. going to the game tonight, pretty delightful, gnarl
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in town. more cloud cover along the coast, that's what's developing tomorrow to drop our temperatures 10 degrees, another two to six degrees of cooling wednesday, and then by thursday, that will probably be the cool day, we'll see a little bit of a warming trend this weekend but nothing like what we're living through now. if you're thinking of taking has transit on this spare the air day--b.a.r.t. is experiencing 20-minute delays, the 19th street oakland and freemont street direction. no delays right now. good news in the elc el district, 580 merges with 80, you can see getting very crowded. 80 westbound. golden gate field, where we have no delays at the bay bridge.
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5:20, ahead seven things to know as you start your day. also the snack that's gotten an elementary schoolteacher's aid suspended. >> and an event to be watched by millions of people around the world.
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there are claims that quan was on her phone when the accident happened. investigators are looking into whether the las vegas shooting suspects were white supremacists. a vegas newspaper is reporting that police found whiteaphernale their home. a trial will get under way in oakland today, that could change the rules of the game in ncaa sports. at issue, the ncaa's ban on paying college athletes beyond scholarships to play sports that bring in millions of dollars for universities. actor comedian tracey morgan is still in critical condition after a car accident in new jersey over the weekend. he's more responsive after surgery yesterday. he suffered several injuries including broken ribs, a broken nose, a broken leg and a broken femur. and another hot day with
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near record high temperatures, but notice where the fog is down around the monterrey bay and on the peninsula. i'll tell you when that comes to your neighborhood when the cooling begins. and the abc 7 traffic center, you can see we have a light early commute at the bay bridge, it's a beautiful morning, we do have some mass transit issues, delays with the muni and b.a.r.t. we'll update that in just a few minutes. it's 5:25 now, an aid won't be allowed at school after school officials say she served students dog treats. school officials say the aid handed out dog treats to about 75 fourth graders during recess. nobody got sick, but parents still say they were appalled to learn about what happened when the principal e-mailed families on friday, that part-time aid is now suspendeded and district officials say they've contacted local police. a 24-year-old black belt from las vegas is the newly crowned miss usa.
5:26 am
mia sanchez is a fourth degree black belt. she answered questions about the increasing number of campus rarps around the country and said it's important for women to be able to defend themselves. the first runner up is audra marie. j-lo will be a no show at this year's world soccer. the singer, dancer, actress has dropped out of this thursday's program but didn't say why. earlier lopez recorded brazil's official song. the song is mostly sung in english and spanish, but very little portuguese, the language spoken by most brazilians.
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negotiations between muni and the union have fallen apart this morning. and the bay area bracing for another day of hot temperatures inland. spare the air, the agency is now on alert. what you're being asked to do today.
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good morning, on this monday, it's 5:29, thank you for joining us. it's going to be hot again today, with a spare the air alongside. >> we'll start by showing you the visibility out there. it's just about unlittle bitted on live doppler 7 hd. other than some 80s hanging around half moon bay this morning. temperatures maybe not quite as
5:30 am
hot as they were yesterday. triple digits have taken them out of the north bay. you see it hazy along the golden gate, but you'll see really thick fog right now, but there's hardly any marine layer. along the coast, 66 to 73. 77 in s, to about 90 in san jose. it is a spare the air day, mass transit will be the alternate. muni t-line, expect delays. we have an early monday morning b.a.r.t. delay. the bta continues their system wide testing today, no delays right now, but could be in the near future. all right, we take a look at your drive out of the central valley. it is just bumper to bumper all the way up the altamount pass. we'll go out it to 101 as you make your way across the civic center.
5:31 am
it's 5:30. we begin with breaking news out of san francisco's bay view district. amy hollyfield is live at third and hudson. >> i want to start with new information for commuters, this just coming in, muni has figured out a way to get the t-line running through here, the division chief of firefighters has been working with the muni chief and they figured out a way to help this up to the t-line. you can see this section or third street is still shut down because of all the fire trucks that are still here. they think that will be here for another half hour. they have quite a mess to clean up. firefighters got the call around 3:30 this morning and they say this fire was really moving when they got here. they think it started at to the back of mcafee's dry-cleaner. there is a home above the cleaner so the first priority was getting into that second
5:32 am
floor and searching for people. they say that was quite a challenge in the dark and through the smoke. no one was inside and they now think it may have been an empty unit. but now they have to tackle the fire and try to keep it from spreading. >> from the back of the building here, that face is approximately a 30-foot face and it had full flames blowing out of the back of this building. so all of third tree was- >> reporter: they got the fire under control, no one was hurt, no one was here at the time. the firefighters are all okay. now they're just trying to assess the damage, trying to fig iss your out what started the fire and try to get everything cleaned up and get third street
5:33 am
open to traffic. this morning oakland police are looking into who is to blame for causing a traffic accident involving mayor jean quan. in a statement on her facebook page, mayor quan says she was hit by a nissan altima hit her. but the driver of the altima says he was mayor quan's fault. the collision comes just days after quan was caught using her phone on two separate occasions. oakland police are also investigating this morning after a pedestrian was hit by one of their officers. it happened around 10:30 last night near international boulevard and 84th after. police say a pedestrian was
5:34 am
crossing the street when they were hit. that person was taken to the hospital after complaining of pain. investigators say the officer was not responding to a call when the accident took place. a series of hit and run accidents forced police to close part of market for several hours. witnesses say a driver hit two pedestrians, a muni bus, parked cars and even a building. it happened around 8:30. one of the pedestrians suffered life threatening injuries. police found the driver's abandoned cars a few block ace way. san francisco mun any officials say service will be running as normal despite a breakdown in talks over the weekend. contract talks stalled saturday when both sides called off a session with an arbitrator. muni and it'sal -- muni is giving union workers until
5:35 am
sunday to reach a deal. >> our main goal here is to put forward an agreement that is fair and good for our operators and at the same time be able to put a quality service out on the street and if we can't move forward with an agreement by june 15, our operators won't be able to get a raise. >> 700 sick calls, that's about half of the normal weekday service. on a typical monday, about 100 workers call in sick. city councilmember won a november spot in a runoff election. he carried a union led reform package into the primary and has promised changes. the mayor will make his endorsement at 11:30 this morning. >> it's 5:45 now. new details this morning in a deadly ambush on two las vegas
5:36 am
police officers. investigators are checking introwhethintro enter the shooters were white supremacists. investigators found white supremacists paraphernalia inside the home. a man and woman walk into a pizza restaurant. the shooters then ran to a nearby walmart where they shot and killed another person. police say the female suspect then shot her partner before turning the gun on herself. witnesses told police the shooter said, quote, this is a revolution during the attack. >> the man hunt continues this morning for the gunman who shot and killed a 15-year-old girl in oakland. it happened late saturday night on 82nd after and a street. the girl was riding in a car with two men in their 20s. police say a gunman opened fire as the vehicle passed them, hitting all three people inside. the male passenger is in
5:37 am
critical condition and the driver in stable condition. police say the dprooifr wriver uncooperative when police tried to interview him. police say macy o'bell was shot and killed outside his home. police don't have a system or possible motive. a little girl in san jose is hospitalized this morning after police say she fell four stories out of a window. it happened at these apartments at king and may berry road in san jose around 11:00 last night. investigators were told that the girl 5 years old fell through a screen. they rushed her to the hospital. police are treating this fall as an accident. with another hot day on tap for the entire bay area, fire crews are on alert. officials are warning that the continuing heat is making for prime fire conditions. they say the smallest spark can
5:38 am
turn into a big problem. air quality is about ig concern. this is the sixth spare the air day since may. last year there were only six all summer. >> let's find out more about the weather conditions today. >> we'll start with the north bay and here's a look at the temperatures. we're in the mid 50s to upper 50s, until you get to san aefl. we have got 60 at alameda, low to mid 60s. fairfield, 71 in brent wootwoodt now. we have got mid to upper 50s in san carlos and half moon bay. anywhere from about two to five degrees when you step outside. and that's a higher level to start out today, so we're starting warmer with sunshine, it will become hazy as we do have that spare the air. but look at this, 90 inland at
5:39 am
noon, mid 70s around the bay. low 60s at the coast. the coast you'll get around 70 at 4:00. flirting with 100 inland, especially the east bay, north bay, you're not going to be quite as warm as you were yesterday. and at 7:00, will be 86 still inland. 58 cooling starts hitting the coast this evening. i'll tell you when it gets to the rest of our neighborhoods. we do have reports from b.a.r.t. that we now have systemwide delays due to an earlier problem at 19th street in oakland. now system wide about 20-minute delays. everybody else looks to be running on time. good news out there, a couple of earlier accidents now cleared out of lanes. we go to the el c let's go outside and take a look as you make your way, it is bumper to bumper.
5:40 am
golden gate field, westbound 80. a little hazy here, but you can see traffic is crawling around the mcarthur maze. 5:40 now, hidden cash is at it again, next the latest bay area spot to see free cash frenzy and what the wealthy donor behind the cash says will happen today. the story behind the inspirational 40-mile journey. >> diane sawyer's exclusive interview with hillary clinton. what clinton said she wants to do before she'll decide o
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5: 43 on this monday morning. a michigan teenager and his younger brother are resting this morning after a joiurney of brotherly love. 14-year-old hunter gangedy carried his younger brother braden for 40 mile this is weekend. the journey began at his high school and ended at the university of michigan ann arbor. 7-year-old braden has cerebral palsy. they called their trek the cerebral palsy swagger. >> it's been great, we have had so many people out supporting us, as you can see question hyped us and so many people coming and greeting us along the way. >> he's very determined, if
5:44 am
hunter says he's going to do something he does it. and there's never a doubt that he won't because that's just part of what he is. >> the gandy family isn't asking for any money, instead they're asking people to donate to the cerebral palsy reach foundation. the man behind the money has sent a tweet saying a new hidden cash -- people tore through the sand hoping to find a stash of cash and money was hidden inside 14 bottles of bubbles. the amount of money varied, but one man who found two bottles went home with 160 bucks. a new poll by abc news and the wall street journal say that democrats will back democrats as their candidate if she runs for president in 2016. diane sawyer spoke exclusive
5:45 am
with clinton about her prospects. when pressed about when she will make the decision to run, clinton was coy, saying she was operating on her own timetable. >> i want to get through this year, travel around the country, sign books, help in the midterm elections in the fall and then take a deep breath and kind of go through my pluses and minuses about what i will and will not be thinking about as i make the decision. >> while she would not specify an exact time. clinton says she will be on her way to making a decision by the end of the year. the conversation continues tonight, hillary clinton public and private, one-on-one with diane sawyer, that's at 9:00 p.m. tonight. donald sterling still has not signed off on the sale of the l.a. clippers, but he believes the process is nearing completion. silver says sterling still hasn't withdrawn his billion dollar lawsuit against the nba and says he's wary of sterling
5:46 am
who he's known for decades. silver said there's absolutely no chance of rescinding. chris bosh hit this three-pointer that gave miami the lead for good en route to a 98-96 win over the spurs in san antonio. lebron james bounced back with 35 points and ten rebounds for the two-time defending champs t best of seven series now moves from texas to south florida. game three of the nba finals is tomorrow here on nbc 7 starting at 6:00 p.m. and you don't have to miss a moment of the game, you can catch it live with watch abc on your smart phone, tablet or computer. that's lebron james and tim duncan, how can you go wrong? >> we'll talk baseball. they're paving the way, the giants are playing at home. and yesterday was a gorgeous night to be out.
5:47 am
>> temperatures when we last falked friday were in the 50s. probably in the 60s tonight. as the nationals are in town. as far as getting outdoors this morning, look at how calm the bay area is, from our explore for yum camera. no breesz to worry about, no champion water whether it's this morning or during the evening hours, but as you start to get past 7:00, 8:00, there may be more of a breeze developing along the golden gate and that's going to bring more cooling startling tomorrow. near record warmth in our inland neighborhoods. not quite as warm as yesterday where with we hit triple digits in some areas. the sea breeze comes back wednesday into thursday. those will probably be our coolest days. san rafael,rosa, all at the century mark. 106 in fairfield, a record 102 in gill roy.
5:48 am
look at that, redwood citi just missed reaching 100. 86 in oakland, 78 in san francisco. and most of us will be pretty close to that today. here's why the north bay is going to be a little bit different. watch the clouds swirl here in this counter clock weiss fashion, it's an area of low pressure that's going to bring a little bit of the sea breeze to the north bay, knock about 10 degrees off your temperature. and we'll be more in the 60s than we were yesterday. as you head deeper into the south and the east bay, 90s and 100s will take over again. we'll have a few 80s. 89 in los aaltos. upper 70s downtown san francisco, we'll be in the low to mid 60s. mid to upper 80s excuse me along the east bay shore. and you can see a lot of triple
5:49 am
digits inland once again. here's your accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures up to seven degrees cooler tomorrow, up to about 6 degrees cooler thursday, we'll have 70s and 80s around the bay for our coolest day. >> let's check in with mass transit, it is a spare the air day, we do have system wide delays at this hour, due to an equipment problem. muni and everybody else is running well. the t-line has now been restored through the third and hudson area, so no delays there. also let's take a look at your compute out of the central valley, bumper to bumper, very slow from tracey over to the altamont pass, also show out of antioch to before hillcrest. and we'll take a look at the bay bridge, metering lights, not on
5:50 am
yet, but we do have a significant -- they just have turned them on. there you go, so that's the reason for the backup in towards the macarthur maze. google has that doodle, right, every day, but today is a very special one. it's the winner of it's annual doodle for google contest. more than 100,000 students k through 12 competed to have their logo featured as their daily doodle. who took the top honors as top doodler? that would be 11-year-old audrey from new york. she used markers to draw her winning doodle of a water purification system. she said she same up with it after learning that a lot of people don't have clean water to drink. audrey will also get a $30,000
5:51 am
college scholarship. >> you can see how she dreamers big with all the fantastic elements in her doodle, right? 5:50 is our time. paying for college can turn into a decades along financial -- coming up the action is set to take today to ease some of the burden. and exercise could be a matter of life or death for millions of women. the devastating disease they could be helping their bodies ward. and wedding by a wildfire, the west coast couple who didn't
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5:54 am
help may be on the way for those who are struggling with p student loan debt. 10% of their income in monthly payments. other orders will pressure lenders into working harder to avoid default and urge t. if you rear going to the san francisco fair today, you're going to drink a lot of lemonade. >> let me get out of the way so you can see the forecast, hazy and 79. it won't be quite as warm as it was yesterday. it will still be a little bit stuffy. 74 at 7:00, then at 66 comfortable as we round it out. if you're heading south around vegas, lake havasu, the desert, 99 to 122 today. which have a red flag warning
5:55 am
tod today. cloudy and 69 in monterrey. traveling around the san mateo fair will be jammed. el camino real could be jammed. the t-line is back up and running through third and hudson. b.a.r.t. is experiencing system wide delays for about 20 minutes. bta rail is looking great in the south bay. let's go outside, it is just jammed, the east shore freeway, you can see from golden gate fields where the meetering lights are on. it's 5:55 now. a survey finds that gas prices nationwide are holding steady, rising just 3.5 cents over the last three weeks.
5:56 am
the average prize of regular unleaded is $3.69 analysts say there's been little change in the price of crude oil. baton rouge, louisiana has the lowest price in the country, $3.33 a gallon. the highest, san francisco, $4.14. the american cancer society finds that exercise helps fight breast cancer. patients who work out cut their chances of dying by one-third. the bad news only about one-third of survivors meet current physical activity guidelines after they're dying nosed. a group of hayward firefighters is launching an attack against childhood cancers. more than 50 people had their heads shaved with the aim of reaching $50,000.
5:57 am
many childhood cancer patients often lose their hair while undergoing therapy. some youngsters even braved the barber's clippers. worldwide a child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes. 5:57, we continue with the day's top stories, including breaking news, flames break out overnight at a san francisco dry-cleaner. >> and the army sergeant held captive by the taliban for five years has been a free man now for more than a week, so why hasn't bowe bergdahl spoken to his family yet. and one contest tantd who didn't win last night. but this morning she's been called a real winner
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you can either have high-end or low-price. is split in two. or you can go to t.j.maxx and you can have it all for up to 50% off department store prices. t.j. maxx.
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breaking news now at 6:00. flames break out in a san francisco dry-cleaners overnight. we're live with what crews say made the fire tough to tackle. >> and the bay area's big hegs city getting ready for a major announcement. who reid plans to endorse for the next mayor of san jose. why police are looking into possible ties to white supremacy. thanks for joining us on this monday, hope you had a great but hot weekend. >> your monday is going to be just as hot too in most places. here's mike with the forecast. >> we'll start by looking at -- 8-mile-per-hour at half moon bay. the rest of us less than 6-mile-per-hour until you get to fairfield. let's break it down today. wi hazy at 75,


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